The leading cause of sudden death among young athletes is sudden cardiac death (SCD).
Every three days in the U.S., a student athlete dies of SCD. Usually there are no advance signs or symptoms.
Although sports physicals are required to ensure students are in overall good health,
an EKG screening is not part of a routine sports physical.

An EKG screening can help identify undetected heart anomalies that can lead to
sudden cardiac death during sports participation.

Thanks to Dr. Anthony Rossi's inspiration, Nicklaus Children's Hospital has been offering free EKG screenings
to student sports enthusiasts in an effort to prevent sudden cardiac death.
Thousands of children have been screened since the program's inception in 2011.

Why EKG Screenings are Important

For more information or to schedule an appointment for a FREE pediatric EKG test,
please call The Heart Program at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital
toll-free at (855) MCH-EKGS or (855) 624-3547.

We need your help.

Help us raise community awareness for congenital heart conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death, while supporting children and families afflicted by WPW.