Shantell and Christopher Mitchell met over a decade ago while working at the Miami Beach Police Department, where Shantell currently serves as a police officer, and Chris serves as a police detective. They developed a friendship, a bond and a mutual understanding for each other which grew, and led them to get married in July of 2008. Chris had three kids from previous relationships, Christopher Jr., Dwayne and Diamond Mitchell. Shantell understood the important role she would play in their lives. The family quickly grew, adding two precious girls, Christen and CaMya, to this modern day "Brady Bunch".

The older boys, Christopher Jr. and Dwayne, enjoyed playing and watching football, while Shantell and Chris both took part in attending games and cheering them on. At the same time both parents were very active in the little ones lives by attending school functions and volunteering in their classrooms to teach different lessons, such as stranger danger, gun safety and the importance of being good citizens.

These two public servants have devoted more than 20 years combined to serving our community in a variety of areas. Chris has served as a board member of the Miami Dade Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers, the Police Athletic League, as well as the Fraternal Order of Police Miami Beach Lodge 8. Shantell, who is a former Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, has taught aerobics classes at LA Fitness, designed a fitness apparel clothing line and developed fitness programs for several youth and adult organizations.

Dwayne's illness and passing took a tremendous toll on the family, yet they have figured out how to live on, keeping Dwayne's legacy alive by helping others who have been affected by WPW, as well as by increasing awareness regarding this devastating heart condition. Just the thought that their message could be saving another child's life and could keep another family from experiencing what they experienced, makes it all worth it for the Mitchell family.

Volunteering in Schools

From left to right: Officer Shantell Mitchell, CaMaya Mitchell, Detective Christopher Mitchell.

The Mitchell's Wedding

In the back, from left to right: Christopher, Jr., Shantell, Chris, Dwayne. In the front: Diamond.

Family Outings

In the back, from left to right: CaMaya, Diamond, Shantell, Chris. In the front: Christen.

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